As part of the regulatory process, USDA has opened a docket for public comments on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Enlist™ corn and soybean traits until February 24, 2014. The USDA’s recommendation of the Preferred Alternative as stated in the DEIS, is to “deregulate all three” Enlist corn and soybean traits. A docket for public comments is expected to be opened by EPA for Enlist Duo™ herbicide at a later date. These comment periods offer supporters of American agriculture the chance to express the urgent need for this technology.

During the period of time Enlist corn and soybean traits have already been under regulatory review at USDA and Enlist Duo™ herbicide has been under review at EPA, the lack of new weed control tools has led to a significant increase in resistant weeds and an increase in other herbicide use or increased tillage.  Enlist crops will enable the use of additional herbicidal modes of action to manage herbicide resistance for those who have it and help to proactively manage it for those who do not.  Uncontrolled weeds can have a detrimental impact on crop yield.

Farmers and others in the agricultural industry need to stay ahead of weeds and provide an abundant food supply and renewable sources of biofuels for our country and the world. Canadian regulators have already approved all components of the Enlist system. Brazil, which continues to shorten its approval times for biotech crops, is moving forward on its review.

Your comment is important

The USDA and EPA benefit by hearing from members of the agricultural community. Our regulators value comments of substance that provide them information they can use to inform their decisions. Your observations of the weed problem and how weeds impact agricultural operations, along with your comments on the need and urgency for new technologies such as Enlist provide a source of advice to help the regulators.

Your comments can go to more than one docket

There are two separate dockets for Enlist: one for USDA and one for EPA. You can submit the same comment to both dockets by saving the comment you submit to the current USDA docket, and then submitting to the EPA docket when it opens. Dow AgroSciences will provide notice when the EPA docket is open.




For further information on the benefits of Enlist and the current regulatory process, visit our blog.




Regulatory approvals are pending for the Enlist herbicide solution and crops containing Enlist herbicide tolerance traits. The information presented here is not an offer for sale. Always read and follow label directions.


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